6 Common Professions That Are Bad For Health

Jobs take almost 1/3 of our adult lives and we often ignore the importance of the professions we choose for ourselves. Almost everyone experience job related stress and it is okay to feel tired and to want a vacation, but there are some professions that require simply too much emotional energy. The ones that are so stressful, that they harm one’s health. Here’s the list of 6:

1. Service Retail and Employees
Those who are in the retail industry are usually at higher risk of getting sick. That means, even though there is health care access, as well as sponsored benefit plans, a lot of these workers are not financially capable of getting one.

These jobs include retail salespeople, cashiers, and restaurant servers. The problem with this job is that, they have to endure standing for several hours, and it would be worse if they encounter difficult clients who don’t even know how to say thank you. That’s why those in the service profession, especially women, are prone to getting depressed.
2. Blue-Collar Jobs
Manual laborers are those who often have to deal with heavy objects or machinery on a constant basis. Based on statistics, there were more than 65,040 cases of illnesses and injuries among laborers, and this number continues to go up every year.

Some of the most common professions that belong to this category includes mining, fishing, and agriculture. These jobs continue to be high-risk jobs, as the number of death and accidents happening here is quite high.

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