19 Foods That Will Impact Your Beauty Negatively

 foods that imact your appearance

There are all kinds of research studies and stories conducted to tell us how to look more beautiful and younger. But instead of scouring the grocery store for every berry or skin-saving product you can get your hands on, you can also avoid certain foods doing damage to the way you look. Some of the foods below are bad both for your outsides and insides appearance, while others just make you sweaty or stinky. So take a look on this useful list to cut out certain foods which make you ugly.

Most of today’s cereals are made from refined grains and chemically enriched flours, plus an excess of sugar and artificial colors and flavors. Ancient people did not even eat grains. It is some kind of a relatively new phenomenon to eat flaky cereals, which cause bloating and can lead to obesity.

Coffee in moderation is not harmful, but if you drink too much, it will make your breath smell wicked bad, stain your teeth and will even make you a bit gassy. Too much caffeine also can lead to dehydration and thus leave a pallid skin complexion.

Processed food
Processed food lacks natural nutrients, so if you are actively consuming these foods, you are most likely not getting enough vitamins and nutrients you really need. That means your body, and especially your face, is not as healthy as it needs to be since cells repair slowly.

While it is true having one or two drinks once in a while is not necessarily unhealthy, suffering hangovers or overdosing on drinks can ravage your body. Even a few drinks can leave you looking a little rough the next day: bags under your eyes or bloodshot eyes and a weak looking complexion are the result of dehydration and restless sleep. Drinking often and heavily makes you pudgy since alcohol destroys muscle and it will also help you gain weight. The liver works overtime when alcohol is consumed and more alcohol you take into your body, the greater the chance of damaging this detoxifying organ. Without a properly functioning liver, your body will face difficulties absorbing the nutrients required for healthy skin. Not only is alcohol bad for your kidneys and liver, it can also turn your digestive tract to a tailspin. What is the result? Again weight gain, bloating and dehydration. Over time, it can lead to premature wrinkling.

Margarine is considered to be a healthier alternative to butter, but check the label. Many types of margarine contain hydrogenated oils or trans fats. They are terrible for maintaining hormone balance in the body, and can cause you to break out.

A pack of salty chips is fine, but what can it do to your beauty? Salt causes tissues to swell, and the consequent deflating results in less elastic skin. It results in bloating, bags under your eyes and puffy eyelids. Have you noticed how your face gets puffed up if you have eaten too many salty snacks the previous day? Eating salty foods and commonly snacks can make your whole body bloat, including your face, tummy and fingers. That swelling of tissues and then deflating makes the skin less elastic over time.

Studies indicate that sugars can damage your skin by forming a harmful waste which can prematurely age skin. When you consume too much, excess sugar molecules stick to the protein fibers, bind them together and produce free radicals and harmful wastes that definitely affects the elastic ability of protein fibers. High levels of refined sugar in the blood can cause the inflammation of your skin and excessive amounts of free radicals leading to reduce of collagen and cell damage. Since collagen is vital for firm skin, this will cause wrinkles and other skin blemishes. Sugar can lower your body’s immune system and lead to various illnesses. It can even directly lead to conditions such as fatigue, diabetes, tooth decay, anxiety, heart disease, hypoglycemia, cancer and hyperglycemia. Reduce the amount of sugar you consume and you will soon notice a positive change in the way your skin looks. The reason for this is that refined carbs, for example, white bread and other white flour products, are high in sugar and can cause an inflammation of the skin.

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