19 Foods That Will Impact Your Beauty Negatively

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Fried Foods
The Chinese believe that blemishes and acne are tied to incomplete and inefficient digestion that results in toxic metabolites to show up on the skin. Fatty fried foods inhibit normal filtering and digestive functions for the gallbladder and liver making it harder for your body to clear rested waste. The accumulation of this waste causes unwanted skin conditions such as acne or wrinkles. Plus, oils which are heated to very high temperatures, like deep frying temperatures, contain a nasty compound that kills skin cells and release unhealthy products.

Salad dressing

Make sure to always check the label before buying salad dressing. Some of them contain MSG, or include a listing of ingredients that are used to make MSG. This is a trick to make you think you are buying something that is MSG-free. The flavor enhancer can cause not only headaches and nausea, but also facial tightness, sweating and a burning sensation in the face. Sometimes even salad dressings without MSG can cause gas, or be mixed with mayo and lots of sugar, which are catastrophic for your skin.

Barbecue sauce
Barbecue sauces are one more red flag for MSG. They are also full of carbohydrates and sugar, so do not forget to check the label.

Soy sauce
Just a tablespoon of soy sauce can contain over 45% of the daily value of sodium. Some soy sauces also contain MSG. So you will be a bloated, sweaty mess after all that dipping.

White bread
Rice and white breads can lead to break outs and inflammation, so go for whole grain, substitutions with low glycemic index if you have to eat bread.

Mystery meats
Bacon, sausages and other processed meats are often high in sodium, saturated fat and sugar that are strongly linked to obesity, cancer and other nervous system diseases such as dementia. What is more, saturated fat is a kind of fat that is very hard to burn even with exercise. Hence, over eating this kind of food can lead to weight gain and is proved to be fatal due to the diseases linked with this kind of food.

Hot wings
Spicy foods increase the speed of the metabolism that means your body faster burns calories. This also means that your body creates even more heat. That is why eating spicy foods can cause you to visibly sweat. This is not all that nice. So, when you go out for wings, do not try to impress your date by ordering the hottest food, stick with something mild.

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