19 Foods That Will Impact Your Beauty Negatively

desserts can demage your skin
Soft drinks
One question: what is the only biggest source of calories for you? Actually, the answer is soda. The average citizen drinks about four cans of the stuff each day. You may say you drink diet soda and it is not your problem. Without sugar or calories, it is the perfect alternative for weight losers. Do you think so? Think once again. The next time you go grocery shopping remember that weather diet or not soda comes with its own list of side effects that harm your health including: increased cholesterol levels by up to 20%, causing tooth decay, contributing to obesity, increasing the risk of developing kidney stones, increasing the risk of osteoporosis, causing dehydration and advancing the aging of the skin, increasing the risk of developing cancer, causing insomnia, acid reflux or heartburn and affecting your ability to regulate the appetite.

Palm oil
The other cooking ingredient which may make your date run away is palm oil, that is high in saturated fat and not a safe substitute for trans fat. It rises up cholesterol and triggers heart disease. Check labels on packaged foods like crackers and cookies to be sure they were not made with this oil.

French fries
French fries contain high levels of salt and either hydrogenated vegetable oil or saturated fat or both. You may notice your fingers swell just a couple of hours after eating French fries, so do not take them in your diet.

Flavored jerky
Besides containing huge amounts of sodium, even a half of the daily value or more, flavored jerky usually contains MSG to keep it, well, tasting good for ridiculous amounts of time.

Starchy foods
Starchy carbs are very closely linked with unpleasant breath, so avoid potatoes and other starches.


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