Ways To Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

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If you feel like giving up on a special project it is very likely you have lost your motivation. You feel that you should keep going, but you lack stamina and desire. It is like drowning in the river, you slowly give up to struggle and go to the bottom. Here are some tips how to avoid such setbacks and to keep going forward.

1. Never forget the reason why you are chasing your goal

It is very likely that you had a valid reason for going after your goal. Losing your motivation gets you disconnected from the reason that fired you up in the beginning. Go back and focus on the outcome. Remind yourself why you started pursuing your goal. And more importantly, try to recall how achieving your goals make you feel. Try to regain those feelings as much as possible; think of associated images and sounds. Always keep in mind what a big value your goal may bring to you, this is crucial; each time you want to quit think of the benefit the attainment of this goal may bring.

2. Think of past successes

Success breeds success
I am sure there are many goals that you have fulfilled in the past. They may be similar to your current goal or completely different. Whatever… The fact that you have succeeded in the past and you can boast with your history of success is extremely important for your motivation. It means that you are able to achieve. You can use the same success principles that worked for you in the past to stick to your current goal completion. Try to review the most recent goal that you achieved, what you did right and how you completed it. Did you have a feeling when you wanted to give up? If yes, how did you cope with it? Most probably the same road will lead you to success in the current case.

3. Think of the worst possible outcome

It is a very good and tested approach. It works well if the feeling is strong enough. Try to think about people who quit smoking or drinking because the doctors said they would die. Fear can be a very strong motivator, if used properly. Think what will happen if you continue to give up. Where will you end up being? What will be you life in a few months or even a year? Try to imagine vivid pictures and don’t underestimate the results. Think of the worst outcome and ask yourself, do you really want to be there?

5. Affirm you road to success

Affirming your way to success coupled with motivation will really give you a boost of energy and determination. Affirmations like: “ I can do this”, “I am a successful person”, “I have almost reached my goal”, “I am strong”, “ I am not afraid of obstacles and challenges”, etc. will help you a lot. Feel free to make as many affirmations of your own as you can. Repeat them many times, this will inspire you and fill you with positive emotions and desire to keep going.

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