Ways To Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

Ways To Keep Going

6. Try to make your brain your ally

It is very important to control your brain and do not allow it to work against you. Sometimes, we don’t even realize how our brain may be sabotaging our best efforts. Ask yourself: What do you see or hear when you want to give up? Most likely, your mind will flash an image before you. It will be either a hard work to achieve you goal or a pleasure that you will have to give up. We have all had cases, for example, when we are too lazy to go the gym, our brain tells us not to go, giving various reasons just prior your workout. You may think the weather is not good enough, or staying in bed will make you feel much more comfortable. All sorts of excuses will come up in your mind. Every time you start struggling with your mind, try to see an image of some sort and hear some internal dialogue. This will provoke some feelings in your body. In order to stay motivated, you should get rid of those images and the relevant emotions. You will ask how? Simply alter the images and the sounds. Make them black and white, dark and miserable, stay far from them and you will feel the difference. Such imagery helps you to decrease intensity of your feelings. You will notice that desire to quit has gone somewhere and you feel very motivated and productive. If you picture the desired outcome in your mind, you will go one step further. Use the same technique, imagine bright, big and colorful pictures and as soon as you have a positive feeling, get moving.

7. Join people who have what you want

It is a great source of inspiration to be with people who have already achieved what you’re are trying to achieve. Their success will make you motivated and your goals will seem more realistic knowing that someone has already succeeded. They are a living proof that everything can be achieved if you desire it strongly. Besides, they will share their experience, some tools and knowledge. They can tell you what they did and how they worked on motivation. They can be a great help when you are having tough times. Successful people are usually very supportive unlike those who have low aspirations. They know at what price the success has come and are willing to help others.


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