23 Foods for Perfect Looking Skin


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Whole grains for clear and moisturized skin

The whole food has whole body advantages, not the least of that is perfect skin. Whole foods are basically unprocessed, for instance, whole wheat bread instead of white bread. The whole grain buckwheat is a good source for the antioxidants, which helps reduce skin damage related with inflammation. Wheat germ provides biotin- the B vitamin assisting cells in processing fats. If you do not have enough biotin in your system, your skin can become scaly and dry. In general, whole grains instead of processed carbs improve your complexion. Processed or refined flours might cause an insulin spike, which in turn will encourage acne. Replace your refined flour pancakes with buckwheat pancakes to make a smart acne-reducing move. In fact, it would also help reduce your risk of developing diabetes.


Their orange color comes from carotenoids, a wrinkle-fighting plant pigment, which helps neutralize free radicals in your skin and thus keeps them from damaging the cells that quickly lead to aging. Pumpkin is filled with vitamins A, C, and E, as well as powerful enzymes that help to cleanse the skin as explain dermatologists. Plus, pumpkin has hydrating properties, they add. Although its seeds make a great snack filled with fiber, you will get the skin beneficial antioxidants from the pulp. In a blender or food processor, combine two cups canned pumpkin, four tbsp low-fat vanilla yogurt, four tbsp honey, and a tsp pumpkin pie spice. Apply on your face; leave on for ten minutes and then rinse. It is good for softening and hydrating skin.


Corn is an excellent source of one of the carotenoids- lutein. Just like lycopene, lutein shields the skin from sun light damage. If corn is out of season, do not hesitate to go for frozen alternatives. Frozen veggies may be even more healthful than some of the fresh products sold in markets, say plant physiologists with the agricultural research service. But what is the reason for that? Vegetables and fruits chosen for freezing seem to be processed at the peak of their ripeness, a time when, as a general rule, they are most packed with nutrients.


If you have researched natural and beauty products, you have no doubt heard that eggs are great skin-care products. There is a lot of advice recommending egg masks and skin treatments, including ancient Chinese wisdom and celebrity recommendations. Experts recommend applying egg white as a facial mask for acne. According to the dermatologists, egg white works like crazy to firm skin, reduce inflammation and redness, and stop breakouts. Egg yolks and whites work to narrow pores and tighten your skin. When you apply albumen to the face, the water evaporates and the protein changes its texture, forming a film. This makes skin feel tight. As experts describe it, it is like putting a coat of paint on face and letting it dry.


In fact almonds are seeds, not nuts, and they’re packed with vitamin E, a potent UV blocker. Volunteers who consumed 15 milligrams of the vitamin E which is about 21 almonds per day were exposed to sun light and sunburned less than participants who took none. This vitamin acts as an antioxidant and helps to protect skin cells from sun light and other environmental factors which produce cell damaging free radicals.

Get glowing skin with chocolate

Cocoa hydrates the skin, making it suppler and firmer. Plus, dark chocolate contains high levels of flavonols, a common type of antioxidant. For more flavonol content, eat the chocolate which is at least 75 percent cacao. A couple of squares per day should be enough to improve luminosity. As the experts claim applying chocolate topically, can temporarily reduce skin puffiness due to caffeine content.

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