7 Types of Chairs That Are Bad For Your Back And Posture

Do you often experience back aches? Could it be because of your office chair? Well, for those who are not aware, there are certain types of chairs that are bad for your health in a sense that it would affect your posture. Although it’s quite easy to find the best chairs for back pain, it would be better if you’ll also familiarize yourself with the ones that should be avoided. That’s why we have created this list of different types of chairs that causes bad posture:

1. Kneeling Chair
Often found in offices, a kneeling chair is a stool-like structure that offers support for the forward-facing knees. This type of chair gained massive popularity back in the 80s until the 90s, but according to medical experts, it’s actually bad for one’s posture. It could contribute to spinal shrinkage, and it could also add unnecessary pressure on the spinal disks.

2. Stationary Chairs
These are the chairs that don’t move, but stays in one position. One of the most common complaints with the stationary chairs is that it’s rigid– this causes back pain after sitting for a long time.

If you’ll think about it, there’s a reason why as a kid, you’re prone of spinning and fidgeting around in your chairs. This allows the pelvis to move, relieving hip pain. Additionally, it allows you to improve your posture naturally. With a stationary chair, you wouldn’t be able to achieve any of this.

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