7 Types of Chairs That Are Bad For Your Back And Posture

6. Egg Chairs
Although egg chairs look aesthetic and comfortable, that’s far beyond from reality. The padded support you can get from egg chairs is not enough to feel comfortable while doing clerical works. In fact, those who are suffering from knee or hip issues might end up damaging these areas even more once they started using this chair. Likewise, it’s not really advised to lean back because it would just put you in a slouching position, which would strain your neck and weaken the back muscles.

7. Straight Chairs
Can you still remember those plastic chairs often present at weddings, and other events held outside? Unfortunately, some companies who are trying to save force their employees to sit on a chair like this. This is actually worse than the stationary chairs. In fact, instead of sitting on one, you’ll be better if you’ll just stand all day long. This chair could trigger spinal curvature as it places strain on every joint and muscle of the body.

Final Words
We can go on for days discussing about the best chairs that could offer you the comfort and mobility you need. However, just like what has been said earlier, you should also be aware of the worst chairs that you’re probably using right now. By doing so, you’ll be able to avoid them or at least know the cause behind your constant back pain.

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