7 Signs That Your Friendship Is In Trouble

Your Friendship Is One-Sided

Friendships can last for a lifetime, and that is a known fact. However, some friends tend to draw apart from each other as the years pass and friendships tend to degrade if they are not being taken care of – that is a natural process that usually occurs when the two parties feel that they are no longer on the same wavelength. Some people progress while other regress, and if a friend cannot keep up with the other one, it often happens that their friendship is at stake. If you are concerned about that, then here are 7 signs that your friendships aren’t very strong:

1. You Get Annoyed More Often Than Usually

Friendships are supposed to be fun, and friends are supposed to be exciting about getting together – however, if your friend has started to annoy you or you notice that everything you say or to started to bug your buddy, then this is a sign that something is not exactly right with your friendship. In most cases, there are some untold things that have grown inside the other one, determining him or her to grow distant from you. This is precisely why communication is of paramount importance, both in relationships and in friendships. There is no room for bugging or irritating the other one for no reason!

2. Your Friendship Is One-Sided

This is one of the most obvious signs that your friendship is in trouble. Are you always the one who calls or texts your friend to plan a night out or a get together? Does your friend often reject your calls or does not answer them and then forgets to call you back? In that case, then you should be worried as friendship is not a one-sided thing. Nobody should feel like they are doing their friend a favor by calling them, be it for arranging a meeting or for simply checking on them. Friendships are based on mutual trust, respect, care and interest.

3. You No Longer Have Anything In Common

This is a very common problem these days, especially amongst people who have been friends for years. It has happened to almost all of us at least once to simply realize that we no longer have anything in common with a certain friend, and we feel that we simply do not have anything interesting to discuss. This usually happens when people grow up or grow old. If you feel that you have become two strangers who no longer share common passions, interests and hobbies and that your friendship is more a matter of convenience than a matter of pleasure, then it is time to analyze the problem and see the culprit behind it. Sometimes, this can occur due to lack of communication – if that is the case, then the friendship can be saved and things can go back on track.

4. Your Get-Togethers Are No Longer Fun

Do you feel that your meetings have suddenly become dull and boring, or that your friend mainly wants to meet you whenever they have something to complain about? While it is true that friends should be there for each other for better and for worst, it is important to understand that friendships are supposed to be fun and entertaining.Some friends can bring the best in us, while others bring the worst – some of them can cheer us up with their simple presence, while others make us feel depressed or upset whenever we see their name on our phone. It is entirely up to you to surround yourself with people who benefit you and who help you grow as a person, and to steer clear from those who drain all your energy with their problems.

5. You Have Little To No Contact With Your Friend

Did you notice that lately you have very little contact with your friends, when you used to talk on the phone or to see each other on a daily basis? If that is the case, then this is a sign that your friendship is in danger. There is one very simple “test” to figure out who your real friends are: if you two talk on the phone after a very long period of time and you still chat as if you haven’t seen each other for a couple of hours, then you two are destined to be friends forever. However, if you feel like you are talking to a stranger rather than to a friend, then you should ask yourself why does that happen and what can you do to fix it.

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