7 Signs That Your Friendship Is In Trouble

when friends have nothing in common

6. You Are The Last Person To Find Out The Exciting News

Not only is this an obvious sign that something is terribly wrong with your friendship, but it is very bothersome and annoying as well. Are you the last person to find out all the exciting news in your friend’s life, when you were usually the first one they would call to inform? Do you often hear important things from other common friends, rather than directly from your friend? If so, then you should have a talk and see what is wrong, while you can still save your friendship.

7. One Of The Parties Is Excessively Critical

If your friend has become extremely critical of everything you do lately, then this is an obvious sign that there is something that bugs them. It is very important to make a difference between the constructive criticism and the mean criticism. Constructive criticism is essential as it will help you improve yourself and become a better person – as a matter of fact, if your friend does not give you any constructive feedback, you should be worried! On the other hand, if your friend is mean and constantly reminds you of your flaws or the things they consider to be wrong with you, then that is anything but constructive. Friends are never mean to each other – they are bold and honest when they have to, but they are never mean to the point where their simple words can hurt the other one.

These are 7 of the most obvious signs that your friendship is in trouble. It is important to remember that in some cases, friendships have simply run their course and there is nothing you can do about that. However, if you address the problem quickly and in a friendly and diplomatic manner, then you may have a chance to gain your trustworthy friend back!

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