The 6 Unhealthiest Iced Coffee Drinks


low calorie coffee frappe

For many people, there is nothing better than a delicious iced coffee drink on a hot summer day. Whether you drink one to perk up, or you just want to start your day in a cool way, these delicious drinks can give you the caffeine intake and mental energy you need. While most of the iced coffee drinks you can get at popular coffeehouse chains are very tasty, some of them are actually unhealthy, since they are bursting with calories and fat. If you are curious about which are the unhealthiest iced coffee drinks and why you should avoid them, keep reading!

1. The Frappe Mocha From McDonald’s

McDonald’s has several options in terms of iced coffee, and the Frappe Mocha is certainly not one of the healthiest you can get. A medium-sized Frappe Mocha delivers a whooping 560 calories along with 24 grams of fat and approximately 70 grams of sugar. However, the overall number of calories depends on how you like your coffee, because the chocolate drizzle and the whipped cream certainly add to the calorie count – if you get rid of them, you will save almost 100 calories. If you think about it, you can eat a Big Mac and still not reach the same calorie count as the medium-sized Frappe Mocha, which should certainly get you thinking. However, if you really like this iced coffee drink, the you can save even more calories by opting for the small version, which has just a little over 400 calories. This is still a lot, so it is certainly not a great choice for those who want to lose some weight.

2. The Starbucks Frappuccino

Starbucks is one of the most popular coffeehouse chains in the world, and it offers several coffee varieties when it comes to the Frappuccino. The Vanilla Frappuccino, for instance, has just under 300 calories and 45 grams of sugar, but you can opt for an alternative, which can help reduce your overall calorie intake by more than 50% (the Mocha Frappuccino Light Blended coffee is a great choice). Speaking of Frappuccinos from Starbucks, another drink that can wreak havoc on your waistline if you have it regularly is the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. While it may be absolutely delicious and the cookie crumbles are a real treat, it has no less than 480 calories and approximately 18 grams of fat. As tasty as this drink may be, the calorie count is not so attractive. You can lower this by removing some of the extra ingredients, like the sugar or the milk.

3. The Mocha Latte From Burger King

Another high-calorie iced coffee drink is the Mocha Latte from Burger King, since the large size has no less than 36 grams of sugar, along with 270 calories. If you are particularly fond of this iced coffee yet you don’t like the idea of ingesting so many calories, then you can always opt for the Smooth Roasted Coffee from Burger King, or any other alternative that is not pre-sweetened, which allows you to add as much (or as little) sugar as you want. In addition to the calories, the Burger King Mocha Latte also has two grams of proteins, 55 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of fat and 220 milligrams of sodium.

4. The Iced Caramel Mocha Latte from Dunkin’ Donuts

If you want an iced Caramel Mocha Latte from Dunkin’ Donuts, you might reconsider given the fact that this drink has 220 calories and 3 grams of fat for a small cup. Fortunately, there is an alternative – you can opt for the Iced Caramel Mocha Coffee rather than the Latte version, since this one has no fat whatsoever, and it also has 100 fewer calories. On the other hand, the medium-sized Iced Caramel Mocha Latte has 330 calories and up to 9 grams of fat overall.

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