The 6 Unhealthiest Iced Coffee Drinks

iced coffee

5. The Coffee Coolata From Dunkin’ Donuts

You might be amazed to know that a large cup of the Coffee Coolata from Dunkin’ Donuts has 540 calories, along with almost 100 grams of sugar. The total amount of sugar is significantly more than the recommended daily dose for an adult. And that’s not even all – if you want to have your Coffee Coolata made with cream rather than whole milk, then you should expect no less than 860 calories in one drink. This is extremely high for an iced coffee, and instead of opting for this drink, you can always go for an iced latte, which has considerably fewer calories and a lot less sugar.

6. The Chocolate Coffee Crunch Javakula From Seattle’s Best

The Chocolate Coffee Crunch Javakula really is crunchy, and its chocolate infusion is delicious – the chocolate syrup combined with the espresso syrup are the tastiest ingredients, and this cool drink is very smooth and rich. However, one large cup of Javakula has over 600 calories and almost 100 grams of sugar, so you might want to reconsider your options if you are watching your silhouette this summer.


These are the six unhealthiest iced coffee drinks that you can get at mainstream chains. Although this is just coffee, and it may not concern you that much, it is important to make an informed decision, especially if you want to shed pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. The great news is that there is always an alternative to these iced coffee drinks that are very high in calories, one that is not only more diet-friendly. There are literally hundreds of cool coffee drinks to choose from, so it shouldn’t be hard finding a replacement that is just as tasty!

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