Yerba Mate For Weight Loss – Better Than Green Tea

Have you ever heard of Yerba Mate before? It is becoming very popular for weight loss. While everyone knows how green tea can be effective for losing weight, people now are discovering the amazing benefits of Yerba Mate and switching to drinking it instead. It is a traditional South American drink that many people swear is much better than coffee for keeping you awake and helped them lose fat far better than green tea. We can’t, however, trust anecdotal evidence. Therefore, we’ve decided to dive into the research and see if Yerba Mate is really that awesome for weight loss.

Yerba mate is nothing more than a herbal tea. It is made from the leaves of the plant with the botanical name of Ilex paraguariensis. The process of production is very simple – once you harvest the leaves (and some twigs as well), you dry them over the fire. Then simply pour hot water on the dried leaves and it is ready. The process is completely natural, so there are no additive chemicals in Yerba mate.

Mate is known for its various health and mental benefits. First of all, it has the perfect amount of caffeine in it. It is not as strong as coffee, but significantly stronger than green or even black tea. It has 85 mg of caffeine per cup and is perfect for people who want to enjoy the benefits of caffeine without consuming too much with coffee. Caffeine can be really good for your health. It stimulates the brain to function better, helps your body to detox the liver, increases the endurance during the workout sessions, reduces risk of kidney diseases and more. So, with the perfect amount of caffeine, Yerba Mate can be great for your health.

Health benefits of Yerba mate does not stop with caffeine. It also helps your body to lower the blood sugar levels and study done by the University of São Francisco, Brazil, showed that yerba mate improved the insulin signaling in mice. Another study done by the University of Santa Catarina showed that mate can slow down the progression of atherosclerosis, a disease caused by plaque build-up in arteries.

For weight loss, as it turns out yerba mate can be super effective. It is not a magical drink that will help you burn all the excess fat in a short period of time. it can be used, however, as a great aid. It is used to suppress your appetite, making you less hungry throughout the day. This will decrease the chances that you will overeat and slow down the weight loss progress. Appetite control is very important as burning fat takes time and more you diet, weaker your willpower gets. This is the reason why so many people fail to lose weight. After some time, they simply cannot endure the hunger and give up.

Yerba mate can also give you smooth energy levels throughout the day and boost it significantly during the workout sessions. As mentioned above, it increases the endurance of your body so you will be able to exercise longer and burn more calories. More calories you burn, more fat you lose as fat loss happens when your body is in a caloric deficit.

So, there is no reason why you should not start drinking yerba mate. It is natural, costs very little, has many health benefits and it will also help you lose weight.