Ways To Change Your Life Right Now

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We all have a moment in life when all of sudden, we feel fed up with what we are doing now and want rapid changes. Some of us manage to make an instant decision to change and enjoy a better life, while others fail to do it. In some cases, you need to act first instead of sitting and dreaming without doing anything. Changing your life is a lifetime experience and a big challenge; let’s have a look at the first steps toward a new life:

1.Write a Plan

Write out a detailed plan what you’d like to change. Try to be specific, avoid big and vague statements. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, take a seat and write down the following things, don’t waste time on too much thinking, just the first things that come to your mind. So go ahead: is there anything that you like or dislike in your current life? This is important because you should be aware of what you like as well as what you dislike in order not to wreck positives in your life. Listing of strengths and weaknesses might also be helpful. In this way you will be more confident about what needs to be changed.
Are you happy with how you look? Do you need to gain or lose some weight? Do you like your hair color or the fashion style? Have a look at the list and pick out 3 or 5 things that you think should be changed. Again, do not think much, just write down the steps you need to take urgently for rapid changes. You can always adjust these later.
After making a shortlist, go through it again and read thoroughly. You have just developed your personal road map to change. With time, this map will become even more refined for now it is enough. You did a good job, now you need to break your big steps into smaller more concrete and realistic items. For example, if you have decided you hate your job and want to quit it, pick out the steps that will lead you to the process.
Make general statements more action-oriented and concrete, e.g. instead of writing something generic, like “will consult with lawyer”, you can pick something actionable and specific, e.g. “take an attitude test”.
Instead of big projects choose small to-dos. E.g. avoid “find a new job”, break it down to “update my resume”, “search new companies”, “open a Linkedln profile” or “write a letter of resignation”. These small actionable items, while seemingly unimportant will help you make that big change.

2.Take action

Make a decision about what you can do within the next 48 hours. You may need to take a day off or to call a babysitter to look after your kids. Believe me, it is worth, you are changing your life and if you succeed to become happy, everybody around you will be happy too. Now, start your journey by performing some of these small action steps within next 48 hours, here are some examples:
• You want to end an unhappy relationship: talk to your partner, make a firm decision, be confident that you truly want to end it, line up a new place to move, pack your stuff and ask your friends (or even your ex) to help you move out.
• You want to start a healthy lifestyle: clean your fridge and cabinets from junk food, throw it away, buy a monthly subscription for a gym and if possible, for aqua aerobics or swimming (to fill yourself with new energy), talk to people who will support you, take a week off and go for a holiday to change your outlook and mood.
• You want to lose much weight: go and buy smaller clothes for the size you are looking to target as your goal, find a proper dietician, buy vegetables and fruit, big bottles of water and start your first day of right.
• You want to move to a new city: announce your current house for sale or get out of your lease, throw away the things you don’t want to take with you; arrange a leaving party and tell your friends and relatives the news. Start saving up for your trip to your new destination.
No need to wait for the right time to get started. No matter what time of the day or day of the week or the month of the year it is, you must give a try. It is your life! Postponing for a later period will only serve as an excuse not to start. Don’t wait for tomorrow, make the most today and by tomorrow, you will be on the way to your new life.

3. Find and Follow your Passion

It is worth spending time on exploring what makes you light up inside; doing what you enjoy has unlimited benefits. It simply makes you happy, you smile and laugh more, you feel positive about everything, you become more creative, etc. The list can be endless. I have experienced what passion means. I gained that experience when I volunteered for a dog shelter. I realized that dogs can understand me more than people around. So my visits to the dog shelter became more frequent; I never noticed how time flew, I was too involved in caregiving for homeless dogs. I ended up with two fostered dogs and a cat. My pets brought some inspiration for change and I am following my dream.
After spending days with pets, I noticed that my stress level, attitude and feelings were different. Doing what you love and enjoy to do can truly change your world and the world of others. The world would be so much nicer if we all did what we love.

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