Should You Stop Drinking Tap Water?

fluoridated water

6. Local water supplies that feed your tap are dependent on large local reservoirs. Sometimes reservoirs can become contaminated with a variety of things. If it rains too hard, the water can be contaminated with parasites, birds that nest on the shores can defecate into the water, and bacteria can multiply. The local drinking water supply is only as good as the filtration system that cleans and tests the water before public consumption.

7. People with weakened immune systems should avoid tap water. People who have weaker-than-normal immune systems may be more susceptible to illnesses that can be caused by tap water consumption. Cancer or HIV patients, as well as steroid users, should all avoid tap water or boil the water before consuming it.

There are many alternatives to drinking water right from the tap. You can purchase bottled water, but read the label carefully to find out how that water is filtered or processed, because it may just come from the tap, too. Filtering your own water can be an efficient way to ensure that it is safe, but filters need to be changed on a regular basis to be certain they are working efficiently and removing the appropriate amount of contaminants from the water. Every city has different water quality, and most of the time you will know right away if you want to consume that water or not just by tasting it.

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