7 Signs Your Job Is Killing You

is your job killing you

The term ‘job’ generally refers to an economic-based role or position for which one is paid a salary. With that said, it is easy to conclude that many individuals are shackled to their economic roles in an everyday grind in pursuit of economic independence. Simply put, three out of every four employed people are only working to make ends meet, and not because they like their jobs. We’ve all experienced ‘the Monday blues’ – that depressed feeling on Monday morning when you realize the weekend is over and the mountain of work on your desk is still there. However, some people experience these blues every day. The following pointers will help you realize if you’re on your way to becoming an economically shackled drone:

1. No Time for Family

If your case is serious, then at one point or another your spouse has woken up quite shaken, swearing there’s a stranger in the bed – namely, you. Or your child has stared at you quizzically when you tried to explain that you are his or her father or mother. If you’re becoming a stranger to your own family, only seeing them on weekends and missing out on birthdays and anniversaries, then it’s about time you evaluated your priorities, because your job is killing you.

2. Lack of Sleep/Insomnia

If you spend nights staring at the clock wishing morning would come just so you don’t have to lie sleepless any longer, then your job is already murdering you. Relying on sleeping pills to induce rest and spending the office hours sipping on cup after cup of coffee with bloodshot eyes is a sure sign of work-related stress. Burnout is on the rise as a top danger in the workplace, and if this doesn’t worry you, then you might be too far gone.

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