13 Reasons Why Your Sleep Is Bad

bad sleep

Do you spend your night hours staring your PC or watching TV and wasting the most precious time you have for sleep? The next morning you wake up with an ugly headache and banishing under-eye circles and try to solve what is your problem. Many people have just forgotten that an adequate sleep is a key of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your mind, heart, skin, weight, and more. Even if you seem to be a normal person taking care of yourself and still do not sleep as well as you should, have a look on the list below and decide what you are doing wrong.

Your room is not darken enough

Ideally, your room should not have any lights on those lightweight emitted from a TV or any device. When your eyes square measure exposed to lightweight throughout the night, your brain is tricked into thinking it’s time to rouse and reduces the assembly of hormone melatonin which is released by your pineal gland and causes you to sleep and decreases your body temperature. Those electronic devices which are emitting light are even troublesome because such kind of light mimics sunlight.

Exercising too late

If you exercise inside 3 hours of attempting to sleep, you will over stimulate your metabolism and lift your vital sign inflicting restlessness and frequent awakenings throughout the night. Attempt to exercise within the morning or no later than middle to late afternoon, which is able to end in device sleep.

Too late to drink alcohol

We tend to consider alcohol as a sleep inducer; however it really interferes with REM, inflicting you to feel a lot of tired following morning. Granted, you will feel sleepy headed once you drink it, however that is a short-run result.

Too warm for room temperature

Your body and brain desires to chill down once you sleep, however if your bedroom is simply too heat you will thwart the cool-down action. Having a fan in your room may be a sensible plan as a result of keeping you cool and turn out an identical level of racket that may assist you go to sleep. Do not get too cold, as a result it may further disrupt your sleep.

Excessive amounts of caffeine

Most people drink more than a cup of coffee and lots of people drink it late within the day. If you are about to drink coffee drink it early. The average half-life of caffeine is four hours, which suggests that you simply still have three-quarters of the primary dose of caffeine rolling around in your system ten hours when you drink it.


Though it is arduous to not do, do not consider your clock once you get up throughout the night. In fact, it is best to show it around thus it is not facing you. Once you routinely clock watch, you are coaching your time unit rhythms the incorrect approach, and shortly you will end up rousing at precisely 2:15 nightly.

You watch TV until you are sleepy

This is a nasty plan for a number of reasons. First, observing TV stimulates brain activity that is the precise opposite of what you wish to happen if your goal is to sleep soundly. Second, the sunshine emitted from the TV is telling your brain to awake.

You try to solve problems in the middle of the night

All people rouse now and then throughout the night, and therefore the very first thing that pops into our heads could be a huge downside we are disquieted concerning. The most effective factor you will do is stopping yourself from going there and aiming your thoughts to one thing less trying.

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