14 Reasons Not To Drink Energy Drinks

energy drink

The next time you are looking for ways to get energy, think about alternative ways before you buy energy drinks. Consuming excess amount of everything is harmful and especially this type of drinks. So instead of solely relying on sugar and caffeine to get you through busy day, take a walk or drink plain water to feel more natural and long-lasting energy.

Side effects If you were not already aware, energy drinks have some extremely serious side effects. Some of the side effects are: agitation, tremors, stomach upset, chest pain, dizziness, seizures, insomnia and even heart attacks. Just because they are easily available and look innocent enough does not mean that they can’t do some serious harm.

Stress and anxiety

In fact, one of the most convincing reasons to stop drinking energy drinks is that they can cause increased anxiety and stress. Some energy drinks are actually found to contain more caffeine than it is advertised on their labels. Too much caffeine has been known to cause jitters and the chronic stress, and a racing heart from massive amounts of caffeine is not all that comforting either.

High in sugar

Besides providing with artificial energy, these drinks typically contain a lot of sugar. Some drinks are known to have an average of 15 tsp of sugar. Aside from getting the dreaded sugar crash, sugar can leave you dehydrated and, as it is also known, suppress the immune system, increase inflammation, lead to tooth decay and weight gain.

Mood changes

If you regularly consume energy drinks, you may want to think carefully your beverage choice. Studies have shown that those who frequently drink the stimulant caffeine have been known to have reduced serotonin levels. This substance is known as the feel good neurotransmitter. A depletion of this hormone has been linked to low mood, anxiety and depression.

Taxes organs

Another danger of energy drinks is that they can be taxing on your organs. Your heart, liver, brain, digestive tract and kidneys are all working as if you are in a flight or fight situation and ultimately get drained from all the work. Energy drinks trigger your organs to react as if they are in a dangerous situation so you can imagine how bad it can be.


While you might like the sudden surge of energy and vigor when you are trying to make it through a tiresome afternoon, it is not so helpful when you are ready to turn in for the night. Such drinks can cause you to lose out on deep and restful sleep at night so that you end up turning to it again the next day. Quit the cycle and get energy in more natural, safe ways through workout, water and healthy snacks.


These days people are pretty much strapped for cash. Energy drinks can end up costing you up to $900 per year or even more. The average energy drink can cost you between $3-4. So if you have got a daily habit, you are spending enough money to snag yourself whole lotta new shoes, clothes and other fabulous items.

Artificial sweeteners

Diet or low calorie energy drinks tend to use sweeteners such as aspartame. In response to the ever growing obesity problem, companies began producing versions without sugar of their energy drinks some years ago. A serving of their sugar free flavors only cost 20 calories but the bad news is that the aspartame used to sweeten this kind of drinks can be even worse for you than sugar.

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