How To Lose 5 Pounds Sitting Still

light exposure is associated with a lower BMI

Light is essential for all plants and animals, therefore it is not surprising that it is a vital aspect for the correct functioning of our bodies. Zee, who is a Professor of Neurology and also the Director of the Northwestern Circadian Rhythms Research Program and Medicine Sleep, also claims that not getting enough daily light will eventually result in a de-synchronization of our internal body clock, which will, in turn, take its toll on our metabolism and have the opposite effect on BMI.

While a properly functioning internal body clock can help us shed weight, one that is not correctly synched with the circadian rhythms can actually lead to weight gain. The first and most important step toward losing weight with the help of morning light is to understand the mechanism of action: how our bodies work, what they need to function correctly and what happens if they get de-synchronized.

Despite the fact that we usually expose ourselves to light of around 200 to 300 lux on a daily basis at work or school (this is still considered to be a poorly lit environment), we need at least 500 lux in order to achieve a lower BMI. This is referred to as the ‘magic number of low BMI.’ However, as mentioned above, natural light measures between 1,000 lux and up to hundreds of thousands of lux, even on a cloudy day. In other words, exposing ourselves to natural light can turn out to be far more effective than doing the same with indoor light – especially if the goal is achieving a lower BMI.

To conclude, ‘circadian health’ is extremely important for those who want to lose weight and to live a healthier life, and getting appropriate sun and light exposure should be part of the daily routine of all those who want to have an improved lifestyle. Nonetheless, it must be said that a causal connection between BMI and morning light exposure is still to be established, given the fact that scientists have not managed to directly link these two despite the study results. For now scientists can only assume there is a strong connection between these two elements, but further tests, trials and experiments are required in order to determine beyond any doubt that regular exposure to light in the morning can actually help us trim pounds.

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