Ginseng For Weight Loss – What You Should Know

There is a big hype about using ginseng for weight loss in the United States. However, there is nothing new about the plant. It has been used for its health benefits in Asia and some parts of North America for a long time. Is it really effective to lose weight? Some people swear that it indeed helped them and some are skeptical. We don’t want that fat burning effects of ginseng to stay only anecdotal, however, and did the research if the science also has a word to say about it.

Ginseng has developed an important role in traditional Chinese medicine throughout the centuries. It is a short plant that has fleshy roots and grows relatively slow. It has several important health benefits that affect weight loss. It is used for the mood improvement and the stress reduction increased functionality of the brain, potential improvement of the immune system, blood sugar regulation and increased energy. The marvelous plant is indeed great for your health.

Ginseng Against Obesity

Ginseng’s anti-obesity property has become known recently after the clinical study in Korea. It examined the effects of taking ginseng on women with obesity and showed the significant indirect improvement of the body weight at the end of the trial. Another report from the Harvard Medical School suggests that ginseng can aid the weight loss process by affecting how we metabolize carbohydrates and due to its appetite control property. Although the report is still lacking the scientific study to back it up.
One of the biggest challenges of the people who seek to lose weight is to fight against daily stress and find the motivation to exercise or even eat healthy. The stressful environment can ruin our mood and force us to eat unhealthy food. This makes weight loss process difficult and we end up gaining fat instead of losing it. Ginseng is known to be great for improving the mood and fight the stress. The study done on 30 people in the United Kingdom showed that a daily dosage of ginseng improves mood and made the participants significantly calmer. Good mood and not being stressed will allow you to focus on your exercise and healthy diet routine.

Indirect weight loss benefits

Another disruption for the weight loss routine is getting a cold or the flu. One unfortunate sneezing in the office can keep you out of the gym for up to two weeks. Ginseng can help you here as well. It has a property that improves the immune system. The study showed that a daily dosage of Ginseng helped participants to get fewer colds compared to ones who did not take it.

Ginseng can be great for your health. It has many amazing benefits and it can even help you lose weight. Keep in mind, however, that the process of getting rid of the excess fat can be slow and no miracle supplement or a plant exist. Always consult your doctor if you want to introduce something new to your diet for weight loss and don’t forget to keep trying even if you don’t have a will to do so.