Cinnamon For Weight Loss – Myth or Truth?

Looking for the weight loss shortcut is natural, considering how frustrating the process of getting rid of fat can be. There are a variety of foods promising miraculous results. Sometimes it is an arcane garcinia pill and sometimes it is plain old cinnamon. We all ask the same question – will it make me lose weight? We’ve covered several foods from garlic to turmeric. Now it is time to see if cinnamon will aid your weight loss goals.
Cinnamon’s practical usage is well known for a long time now. It has been used to treat medical conditions for centuries. Greeks used it against indigestion and the Europeans used it to preserve meat for the later safe consumption. But does it really work? especially for weight loss? Turns out, yes and no… let us explain.

Cinnamon can regulate your blood sugar as the substance called polyphenol in it will improve your insulin sensitivity. It is very important for your health and beneficial for weight loss. Insulin is a hormone that regulates sugar (aka glucose) levels in your blood. Low insulin sensitivity is heavily linked to obesity and fat gain as it causes insulin resistance. When your body develops insulin resistance, insulin cannot aid the process of glucose entering into your cells. This causes the decreased usage of energy from your food and the excess energy will start to become the thing that we all hate – fat.

Not only it makes you gain fat, but insulin resistance makes difficult to burn the fat and lose weight. The weight loss mechanism is quite simple. You burn fat when your body needs more energy than it gets from the food. Remember, fat is simply a storage of energy. What do you think happens to that large pizza you ate on Saturday evening? Your body does not need that much food, so it stores it around your belly or other parts of the body to use it later. So, more resistant you are to insulin, harder is the process of fat burn since your body cannot use the food you eat properly. This is where cinnamon can help you by providing polyphenol.

Another way cinnamon will help you lose weight is by giving you a great flavor for your food without adding calories. It has 0 calories and can make lots of things taste amazing. Most people can lose some weight only by eliminating sugary drinks such as coffee from their diets. Instead of drinking caramel cappuccino with cream, sugar, and syrup, flavor your coffee with a moderate amount of honey and as much cinnamon as you want. Only that 300 calories you save a day is equal to more than 15 lbs of fat loss in a year.

But why did we mention that cinnamon is not effective for weight loss? Because we do not want you to have an illusion of shortcuts in the fat burning journey. There is only one – a surgery. The rest is simply a lie. You cannot avoid exercise and eating junk food by adding cinnamon to your diet. Eating cinnamon rolls won’t make you lose weight simply because it has cinnamon in it. However, with a healthy diet, cinnamon will aid you to get the body you always wanted to have.