Can Cumin Help You Lose Weight?

Cumin is a popular spice that has tons of health benefits. Apart from being great for regulating digestion, boosting the immune system and help you sleep better, it can also help you lose weight. This amazing flavored spice has been known for the humankind for centuries and the health benefits have been observed since the ancient Greeks. For weight loss, however, cumin has not been used until recently. Several people started claiming that it helped them lose excessive fat. We wanted to take a close look at how it actually does and if these claims were true.

Cumin is a super spice. Not only it makes your food tastes great, but it is also very nutritious. It provides you with a variety of vital minerals for your body such as iron, calcium, and magnesium. It is also a good source of vitamin A, C, and K. So, that’s great and all, but how will it help me lose weight? you may be wondering. Let’s take a look.

Cumin and Digestion Improvement

One of the oldest uses of cumin is for improving digestion. It is wonderful for several digestive problems. It reduces bloating, pushing your stomach down and making you look much better without even losing any fat. Have you noticed how fatter you look when you are bloated? Only by removing excess gasses from your stomach you can look like you just lost 10 pounds. Cumin is great for achieving this visual trick.

It is also great for appetite control and better digestion. This is especially important while on the diet and you are in the caloric deficit. Remember, the major part of burning fat is to provide your body with fewer calories than it needs throughout the day, so it has a reason to use the fat as a fuel. When eating less than you need, absorbing as much nutrition from your food is essential for your health and weight loss progress. That’s how having a good digestion process will help you get rid of your excess weight.
Cumin also strengthens your immune system and keeps you healthy. This is crucial for your weight loss journey as well. If you are often getting sick, most likely you skip your exercises and do not eat as healthy as you would. This delays your weight loss process and you may even gain some fat in the meantime. A healthy body will also help you to train harder and longer, burning more calories and eventually more fat.

Myths About Cumin and Weight Loss

There is a common misconception about cumin and weight loss. Some people believe that cumin alone can get rid of all the fat or that it helps you lose weight super fast. There is a limit how much it can really help and the process is not as fast as many believe. Stay realistic and do not expect miracles.

How to Take Cumin To Lose Weight

There are two popular ways you can use cumin for weight loss. You can make a tea using one or two teaspoons of its seeds and some boiling water. How much water to use depends on you and how intense you want the flavor to be. Experiment and you will get yourself a perfect cumin tea. Another way is to buy the supplements that have cumin in it. They typically contain cumin seeds or oil. Keep in mind, however, that the supplements are usually more expensive than making tea by yourself.