8 Reasons You May Be Denied Life Insurance

High-Risk Hobbies

3. Bad Driving Record

Your driving record will be closely examined as well, and if you are considered a high-risk driver (for instance, if you’ve had numerous speeding tickets or have been involved in violent or potentially fatal accidents), then you can expect a harder time getting insured.

4. You Fail Their Medical Exam

Every life insurance provider conducts a thorough medical exam/inspection before granting you coverage, and they often have their own medical technician or physician that will perform the exam. The purpose of this is to prevent applicants from hiding certain medical conditions. If you fail this medical exam or get a ‘bad score,’ then they may choose to either reject your application or increase your premiums.

5. Previous Denials

You would be amazed to know how easy it is for life insurance providers to find out whether you have applied to other insurance companies or agencies in the past, and they have denied your application for whatever reason. If it turns out that a previous application has been rejected, this will certainly raise a red flag and cause the provider to scrutinize your application.

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