8 Reasons You May Be Denied Life Insurance

unhealthy Lifestyle

6. Your Current Health Status

If the life insurance provider decides that your current health status does not meet their eligibility requirements, they may choose to reject your application. For instance, if your electrocardiogram results come back abnormal or if you turn out to suffer from a medical condition that you were unaware of at the time of the application (something as common as high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels), then your life insurance application may be denied on the spot.

 7. You Are Obese

There is a major difference between being slightly overweight and being obese. While the former may have no impact on your life insurance application (other than a slightly higher premium rate, if the health risks are considered high and you suffer from other medical conditions), being obese can result in your application getting rejected right away. Obesity is considered the most common and dangerous disease of the 21st century, and extreme obesity is grounds for denial, since it is associated with a host of serious medical conditions.

8. Life-Threatening Vices

In addition to dangerous sports and hobbies, if you have personal habits or vices that can take their toll on your health in the long run (for instance, if you use recreational drugs, you smoke regularly or you consume high amounts of alcohol), this can also make life insurance providers very wary of approving you. Smoking and heavy alcohol consumption dramatically increase the risk for heart disease and cancer, both of which can be preventable with lifestyle changes.

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