8 Compassionate Ways to Handle Breaking Up

overly emotional in breakup
3. Make Sure to Inform Your Partner First

One of the most disrespectful and hurtful things you can ever do to your partner is to inform your common friends or family that you intend to split up (or even worse, that you have already split), and to let your partner be the last to know about it. This is a guaranteed way to push the other person away for good, and to generate ill will. Show some respect for the things you two have shared and make sure to inform your partner about your decision before changing your status on Facebook, for example, since this is a matter of common courtesy.

4. Do Not Break up Via Text or Email

Another rule rooted in common courtesy and respect is to discuss these private matters face to face. Of course breaking up with someone can be a very intense and emotional experience, and emotions almost always run high in this situation. However, no matter how tempting it is, try to gather your strength and courage and address this issue in person. Avoid text messages, voicemail, letters or email, since this is a serious matter that deserves undivided attention.

5. Be Honest About It!

Respect and honesty go hand in hand. While it’s true that people often use those small ‘white lies’ with the intent of actually protecting those we genuinely care about, sometimes we need to be brutally honest about things, since this is actually a way of showing respect. If you want to avoid significant problems and drama in a breakup with your partner, make sure to avoid excuses and to be honest about your real reason and feelings – no matter how hurtful this may be at first, your partner will undoubtedly appreciate your honesty in the long run.

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