The 7 Qualities That Employers Value Most

characteristics that employers value

It’s true that competition for the most coveted jobs has become intense. Most job seekers wish they could unlock the secret formula to winning the hearts and minds of employers. There are a few characteristics that employers value most in their employees – characteristics that can be possessed by all, regardless of their job title. In today’s highly competitive job market, those on the lookout for work can increase their marketability by learning to improve on the characteristics that employers desire. There are seven skills that employers want you to have, regardless of the industry you are working in. The attributes below can not only help you land a good job, but also improve your chances to succeed at work.

Strong Communication Skills

The single most important trait that most employers look for is effective communication. People who can articulate their thoughts have an edge over others who can’t. Employers highly prize both written and verbal communication skills. The ability to convey your ideas clearly and speak confidently with your bosses is an important part of your professional life.


No doubt intelligence is one of the prime qualities that an employer looks for in an employee. Studies have shown that the productivity of an employee is directly proportional to intelligence level. Intelligence is not just about a high IQ score – it’s an employee’s underlying ability to tackle complex tasks, plan well, multitask, prioritize and organize their work properly. An intelligent employee knows how to practically tackle problems that arise in day-to-day tasks. As a candidate, a good way of showing your intelligence is to show curiosity and ask questions that are relevant to the job. Asking good questions and listening fully to the answers will make you look smart.


Integrity is also one of the qualities that employers value most in their employees. It is an important trait to have for ensuring long-term success in your career, and in life in general. Integrity comes from within and is a deep-rooted value. It begins with being honest with yourself, which helps you grasp the importance of being honest in your dealings and relationships with others. Integrity is a trait that not every employee has, and therefore it’s highly valued in the workplace. When combined with other qualities, an employee with integrity is bound to be highly regarded by the employer.


It goes without saying that leadership is an important quality to an employer. Every organization needs leaders who can take initiative, and effectively move the team and business forward. Leadership is about not being afraid to take charge and to accept accountability for the results. Leaders do not make excuses or try to escape challenges. They embrace challenges, and even thrive on them. It is said that leaders are not built, they are born. However, it is the attitude that you develop over your entire life that makes you a true leader. If you have this trait, you are sure to be an asset for any organization.

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