7 Easy and Healthy Ways to Gain Weight

easy steps to gain weight

While the whole world is seemingly killing themselves to remain stick-thin, a few people may actually be worried about their frames being too thin. Gaining weight can be a frustrating and challenging undertaking for those who are too thin. The problem is often that they don’t know the proper way to accelerate the weight gain. To gain weight in a healthy manner, it is important to understand the basics of the body mass index (BMI). Your build and weight are determined by genetics, your general health, food and activity choices that you make, and of course by your body’s unique metabolism. Most skinny people have a high metabolism, and their body burns more calories than they eat.

Here are seven easy ways to gain weight in a healthy way:

Add Carbs to Your Diet

This suggestion may sound like a no-brainer, yet many people believe they should avoid carbs to remain healthy. If you are getting carbs only from veggies, fruits, trace amounts of sugar and legumes, then there is no big surprise that you’re not gaining weight. You need to move to some carb-rich foods for better results, such as sweet potatoes, rice, bread and oats. Carbs are needed especially if you are doing heavy workouts to gain weight, since your body needs a quick supply of energy.

Eat More Protein

Lack of protein in your diet could be one of the reasons you are not gaining body mass, even though you are consuming more calories. Protein is also very important if you are working out to add healthy weight. Post-workout protein consumption will help your body absorb protein better to repair muscles, which will help increase overall body mass. Some of the proteins to consider are boiled soybeans, steak or hamburger, tuna, chicken, soy or protein power, peanuts, etc.

Fat Is Not All Bad

Fat in some quantity is required for the body to effectively digest certain vitamins, to maintain proper brain function, and to provide vital organs with some ‘cushion.’ Fat sources are full of calories, and they provide loads of energy. However, be mindful of what you choose to consume in terms of fats. You should consider quality fat sources such as dry fruits, nut butters, avocado, sunflower seeds, olive oil, fattier cuts of meat, and cheese. Fat should form part of your meals when you are not working out. Try to add fat in a way so that the caloric value of your intake is high but you do not feel too full.

Do The Right Forms of Exercise

To maximize your weight gain and to increase your muscle size, you need to choose your workouts appropriately. You should focus more on weight training sessions. Do free-weight exercises that put stress on muscles and target your large muscle groups. Concentrate on compound exercises that involve as many muscles as possible. Some of the best exercises for building muscle mass are dead lifts, bar-bell rows, bar dips, bench presses and pull-ups. There is no doubt that aerobic exercises are good for the heart and body. But these exercises also help burn a lot of calories. So, to gain weight, avoid running long distances. If you are going to run, do sprints or run up a hill.

Use The Right Technique and Duration

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