6 Things You Put in Your Coffee That Are Bad for Your Health

3. Artificial Flavors
Who can say no to the wonderful aroma of mocha, the comforting taste of caramel, and exquisite flavor of hazelnut? These are just some of the most common flavorings that make our coffee a little more special. However, are you sure that they’re actually derived from natural sources? There’s a huge possibility that the wonderful smell and flavor aren’t 100% natural at all.

You know what this means, especially if you’re trying to live healthy. For those who are not aware, artificial flavors give processed food a bolder taste– it makes it flavorful to the point that it’s as good as the natural counterpart. However, since these are usually a combination of chemicals, chances are it’s bad for the body.

4. Milk or Creamer That’s Good for More than 7 Days
Typically, a carton of real milk or creamer stays fresh for at least a week or so as long as it’s refrigerated, but if it goes beyond that, it would definitely spoil. That means unless you’re drinking several cups of coffee a day, or drinking the coffee creamer like milk, there’s no way that you won’t be able to finish that within a week. Manufacturers are aware of this, and so, they made the shelf life longer by adding mold inhibitors, such as dipotassium phosphate and sodium stearoyl lactylate.

Although both of these ingredients aren’t really harmful to one’s health, it can still be a little bothersome, considering that it’s a form of preservative.

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