6 Things You Put in Your Coffee That Are Bad for Your Health

Coffee has become the part of our daily lives long time ago and it seems that as a society we can not live without it. Not everyone is fortunate enough to like black coffee and most add some kind of sweetener or cream. But how healthy are those additives? There are some that are particularly bad for your health. Here’s a list of 6:

1. Non-Dairy Creamers
Dairy products are fattening, and a lot of people think that non-dairy is healthier. We beg to disagree. As a matter of fact, it can probably be the worst of the worst. Non-dairy creamers usually contain corn syrup solids, and hydrogenated vegetable oil that gives the creamer a ‘creamy’ feel. The problem with this is that, it’s actually worse than dairy products, because corn syrup is like sugar with empty calories. As for hydrogenated oils, these are just trans fats that you’ve been trying to avoid.

2. Artificial Sweeteners
Some want their coffee sweet, but they don’t want to add much sugar, thinking it’s bad. That’s why coffee manufacturers thought of something– using fake sweeteners to make coffee extra sweet, while being able to say that it’s 100% sugar-free. Of course, consumers would love this! What they are not aware of is that artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar. Sucralose, an ingredient often found in artificial sweeteners, could make the blood sugar spike, leading to type 2 diabetes.

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