6 Things You Do After Eating a Meal That Mess Up Your Metabolism

A lot of people blame their weight gain to slow metabolism and they are not wrong. With bad habits the body takes longer to digest and convert the food into energy. There are many articles out there about how to speed it up, but not many of them talk about what causes the slow metabolism. While natural things like aging could be the cause, our habits are often to blame as well. Below is the list of 6 things that the people do right after eating a meal that causes the metabolic slowdown.

Sitting in Front of the TV after Having a Meal
Being a couch potato is already bad as is, and it can get worse if you’ve been doing this after having a huge meal. Spending a lot of time sitting is the worst you can do for your metabolism, and eating means that you have consumed a certain amount of calories. If you’re not going to move (in order to burn these calories), then they will convert into fat, leading to weight gain.

To support that, one study shows that if you want to burn calories after a meal, but you still want to watch TV, do it standing, and you’ll be able to burn as much as 16% of it.

Ending a Meal with a Dessert
Another common mistake a lot of people are guilty of is that they end their meal with a sugar-filled dessert. It doesn’t matter if you have eaten a healthy meal; if you’re going to indulge in something sweet after that, your glucose level would spike up, and this extra sugar your body doesn’t need would turn into fat as it would be quickly absorbed by the system. These would definitely screw up your metabolism.

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