6 Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in a Protein Bar

sugar alcohol in protein bars
2. Fractionated Palm Kennel Oil

Fractionated oil is dangerous, regardless of its source, and you should steer clear of it whenever possible. Unfortunately, fractionated palm kennel oil is a commonly found ingredient in protein bars these days. The production process involves heating up the oil, then quickly cooling it until it breaks down into components such as oil and fat. The oil is then passed through a filtration process, but this still leaves a high amount of solid fat behind. The reason that the fractionated palm kennel oil present in many protein bars is so dangerous is because it contains saturated fats in proportions of up to 80%. Saturated fats are known to thicken the artery walls by increasing the levels of LDL cholesterol (known as ‘bad cholesterol’). LDL cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as the risk of cardiac arrest or stroke. There are several alternatives to fractionated palm kennel oil that do not contain such high amounts of saturated fat, and that contain other beneficial elements such as Vitamin E – palm fruit oil is one, and it is highly recommended to look for protein bars that contain palm fruit oil instead, since this ingredient will boost your metabolic rate and help maintain a healthy immune system at the same time.

3. Sugar Alcohols

Another ingredient found in many protein bars is sugar alcohol, also known as polyol, which is a type of carbohydrate that can be at least as dangerous as the two ingredients described above. The reason why you should steer clear from sugar alcohol in protein bars is because the body has a very hard time trying to break down and digest this compound, given that it is extremely resistant to the fermentation process normally triggered by oral bacteria. This is why it not only can increase the risk of diarrhea, but it can also worsen existing cases of irritable bowel syndrome that many people suffer from. Besides this, an increased intake of sugar alcohols also leads to other serious effects, ranging from severe bloating and gas to acute abdominal pain. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to sugar alcohols as well, and this is why some nutritionists recommend that those who want to increase muscle mass without any health-related compromises try making their own protein bars at home.

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