5 Signs You May Get Fired Soon

signs you may get fired

One of the biggest concerns for many people is that we might suddenly lose our job. Even the thought of losing a job is stressful and frightening, simply because this would cause us to lose the financial freedom we have been accustomed to. The fear of losing your job is particularly intense if you have a family, or if you have a mortgage to pay – this is precisely why it is essential to be well aware of all the main signs that could indicate you will be fired soon, so you can start to devise a ‘Plan B’ right away. Here are the top five signs that you may get fired in the near future:

1. Your Boss Suggested That You Take Some Time for Yourself

Did your boss or supervisor just recommend that you take some time off, perhaps to go on a holiday and let off some steam? In some cases, they may simply be concerned for your health or your overall performance, especially if you have been working a lot lately. On the other hand, it is also possible that your services are no longer as satisfactory as they used to be, and your boss is trying to prepare you for what is next. If you know that you made a mistake recently or that you did not rise to the description and requirements of your job over the past month or two, then you have reason to be concerned. Either way, as the saying goes, it is important to never put all of your eggs in one basket. This is why you should keep an open mind and consider other income alternatives if your boss recently suggested that you take an unexpected or unplanned vacation. This might well be a sign that your boss or coworkers do not really want to have you in the office.

2. You Have Made a Mistake

If you have made a major mistake at work and you are aware of it, then you should prepare for the worst. A common error some employees make is that they wait for their boss to figure out that they messed up, and see what happens next. Why wait to get reprimanded or even fired when you can start working on your Plan B immediately? In the end, it is always better to have a Plan B that you never rely on then to wait for your boss to discover your mistake and fire you on the spot. Incompetence and mistakes are not well tolerated in most jobs, especially if you work in a highly corporate environment or at any company with a reputable brand to protect that does not cope well with lack of responsibility from their employees. Even a minor slip-up can wreak havoc on your career if you are not careful and prepared. If you are lucky, your boss might give you a second chance, but if you are not, your mistake could lead to your dismissal from the company. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

3. Your Company Has Been Sold or Is in Decline

If your company has recently been acquired by another company, or if it shows signs that it might be going downhill (for instance, if sales or hiring are not as steady as they used to be), then you should consider the worst-case scenario, which includes you losing your job. Thousands of companies all around the world have declared bankruptcy amid the recent financial crisis, and some of them are still doing so today. If the company you are currently working for is no longer profitable or it has been purchased by a larger organization that plans to implement a radically different business strategy, then you should take into account the possibility that you might lose your job. Besides this, another common problem with newly acquired companies is that the corporation that makes the acquisition usually has somebody who already does what you are doing, which means your services may no longer be needed.

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