Ways To Be In Shape For Summer

healthy dinner
Walk regularly
Take your spouse, kids, best friend, neighbor, or even your dog and go for a walk. You do not have to walk six miles in the first day to get in shape. Walking is something that just about anyone can do, no matter how many pounds they weight. Take your time and be sure to have shoes with lots of arch support. Start with a 5 or 10 minute walk and add on five minutes per week. You can also buy a pedometer to keep track of how many steps you are taking on your walks, if this helps you monitor the progress better.
Treat trap
After a long workout, set a limit of reward calories. A safe number is 199 reward calories, and if you went for a really long workout, 399 calories. Good choices can be bite-size cookies, low-fat ice cream, single-serving-size chips; high-quality dark chocolate.
Do not drink sugar
One study looked at the association between sugar-sweetened drinks and the nutritional habits of 950 adults. Unsurprisingly, people who drank the most sugary beverages, such as soda, had a lower intake of fiber and higher risk of obesity. When you celebrate, go for beer, wine, or a drink mixed with club soda.
Increase vegetable and fruit intake
Aim to have fruits and veggies make up half of each meal. The breakfast should be half fruit, and your lunch and dinner, half vegetables; nutritionists also add that snacks should have the same ratio, for instance, yogurt and carrots, or an apple and string cheese.
Do some gardening
Gardening involves a lot of physical activity: raking, hoeing, tilling, pulling weeds, bending over, carrying buckets of soil or water, standing up and stooping down repeatedly, and hauling out the old garden hose. It is actually a fun and beneficial physical activity.

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