8 Biggest Weight-Loss Mistakes

weihging food and counting calories


6. Not Counting Beverages in Calorie Totals

If you are drinking juice, alcohol, pop or any other sugary beverage, you are adding a lot of unnecessary calories. The best drink to consume is water and nothing more. Water is all that your body needs to keep you hydrated and healthy, and you should be drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water each day.

7. Keep Getting on the Scale

The bathroom scale is not your friend, and when you obsess with what the scale says it can be really unhealthy. Stop relying on the scale, and instead start to rely on how your clothing fits. Your weight can fluctuate throughout the day for a variety of reasons, and the scale is not always an accurate reflection of your current weight. When you start to lose fat, your clothing will fit more loosely and you will feel lighter and better. You will also see the difference in the mirror.

8. Allowing a Setback to Derail You

You decided that you want to lose some weight, and you have been working really hard. One day a friend comes over and brings you a slab of cheesecake to share over a cup of coffee. Your friend has no idea that you are on a diet, and you don’t mention anything but you go ahead and eat the cheesecake. It’s fine to do this, and everyone is human, but you need to get right back on the diet train as soon as possible to maximize your weight-loss efforts. If you allow a small slip-up to stop your progress, then you are probably going to find yourself eating more things you should not be eating, consuming larger portions, etc. – and then eventually you will be gaining the weight right back. Old habits die hard, but hard work helps break those habits.

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