8 Benefits of Aerobics and Why It’s Still Popular

group fitness class

People these days are more aware of the importance of keeping healthy, and many are choosing to incorporate more exercise into their daily schedules. Of course others choose to diet, but while that is a good practice, too, it hardly ever helps in significant weight loss on its own. Thus, in addition to the many diets out there, we are seeing a boom in gym memberships, with a particularly keen interest in aerobics.

1. About Aerobics

The whole concept of aerobics is to make exercise fun and keep it constantly fresh, with the goal of improving all elements of fitness. It is a form of physical exercise that is performed in a group setting with an instructor leading to the beat of music. The various steps and motions in the routine are designed to work out specific muscles, and a class typically takes an hour or so.

2. Fitness Classes

The classes in most gyms are set at times when a client can easily attend, with consideration given to the typical work schedules. These classes are mostly 5-6am, 1-2pm, and 5-6pm, with minor variations. The desired level of fitness plays an important role in the level of participation that a client may choose. Each class varies in terms of the complexity of the steps and intensity of the workout. It is therefore more common for people to start in beginner’s classes and work their way into more complex ones over time.

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