7 Signs Someone May Be Smarter Than You

people with superior intellect
6. Smart people usually have extensive educational backgrounds. Most of the time you would never know much about this unless you saw their resume, and most smart people are not going to flash theirs in your face. If you ask a smart person where they went to school, the answer will probably be a well-known college or university. They probably have a Master’s degree in one field, or even several. Smart people are often bored with one type of work, so they tend to engage in several careers over their lifetime. Sometimes a very smart person may be on a second or third career by the time they reach their forties, while many of us are still working on being great at what we have been doing for a while already.

7. When things go wrong for a smart person, they do not tend to dwell on that. This is because they are always thinking of ways out of these types of situations, and they can easily tackle a problem with a well-thought-out solution. A smart person’s brain is always working to help them to deal with anything that life throws at them – and good or bad, they will find a way to deal with every situation effectively.

You are probably thinking about who you know that exhibits some or all of these signs. The next time you’re in a group or crowd, study the people in the room and watch for these signs. You will be blown away when you start to be able to identify the smart people in the room. You might not have thought of them as smart in the past because they were quiet or never felt the need to prove their superior intellect, but now you can see right through them!

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