15 Biggest Lies About Weight Loss

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When it comes to weight loss, it is hard to separate fact from fiction. Sometimes it seems like there are 3 right answers for every question. Well, wonder no more. Read through to find out the truth behind some of the biggest myths about weight loss.

Myth №1: Low-carbohydrate diet is the best way for losing weight
If you cut out carbohydrates from the diet you will see some dramatic weight loss in a very short period. But it is not really all that healthy and it is not sustainable. Carbs are an essential part of the diet, and once you go off that diet, you are likely to regain most of the weight. Always try eating better carbohydrates, like fruits, grains, nuts, vegetables and seeds.

Myth №2: Reduce fat for losing weight
Fat makes food taste good. When it is removed from foods, a lot of the flavor is removed too. To make up for this, sugars, thickeners and chemicals are often added to enhance the flavor and texture of foods. These additives can be far fattening than full-fat foods. In addition, fat-free and low-fat labels do not mean low-calorie. All the additives have got to turn up somewhere. When looking at nutrition labels, think carefully about buying reduced fat foods. Go for fresh and whole foods or even buy the full-fat ones instead and consume in moderation.

Myth №3: Some foods can burn fat and make you lose weight
No foods can burn fat. Some of them with caffeine can speed up your metabolism and boost the way your body uses calories and energy for a short term, but they do not cause weight loss. Unfortunately, these foods are very low in calorie, and the calories you burn from chewing them are not even close to making up for the calories of the food.

Myth № 4: People gain more weight from food eaten after 8 pm
It is not any difference, whether you consume calorie at 2 pm or 2 am. It takes a little longer for your body to burn off late-night plate of pizza than it does your lunch, since you are more active during the day. The problem here is that night eaters have a tendency to overeat because they have eaten unbalanced throughout the day. If you want to cut out late night snacking, do not skimp on meals.

Myth №5: Drinking Lots of water is number one weight loser
Water is important, water is great, but it does not help you burn calories and it won’t make your fat magically disappear. Instead, try replacing some of the calorie- rich beverages with plain water; increasing your water intake alone won’t help you lose your pounds.

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